Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Premiere Pro - Best Youtube Video Editing Software.

 So, you are a youtuber and going to be a popular and want youtube as a carrier, you must definitely take a better look at the videos of your channel beside the content which is the most important thing in order to be a professional as well the popular creator among the crowd.


Beside the best content one should also take a look over his channel video's qualities which makes a huge impact over the mind of people and this also makes people engagement because a video having high as well the sharp editing may be liked by the user and the viewer and the person may spend a higher time for that but instead of that if the video is just covering the most of behind scenes which should not be shown, may irritate the user too.


And one should also take a look over the channel at when the video is showing no background music and no extra editing such as video color and high video effects which are now a days most used in every videos by other youtubers too.

So today in this post we are going to talk about the best video editing software For the youtube and we are not saying tat this is the best software but the thing is it is mostly used by all the creators over the youtube. As it provides the user all kind of editing which are required to make the video pretty and the video too makes the huge difference between a normal as well the edited video.

Best Video editor for youtube videos ?


So today we will talk about the Best video editing software in the youtube world for editing videos, n that is - Premiere Pro. As this software is huge in demand and provides most of the things as well the options to edit a video, it is used by most and almost all the Creators of youtube.

This is the software which one can use to edit their videos professionally and it helps a lot in gaining the audience retention from the user which is beneficial for both the channel as well the creator too. And using a best software for editing the video helps the creator to provide the legit as the content to the people with a professional way.

so if you are going to take the youtube full time or thinking to make the carrier in youtube, so you should definitely take a better as well we can say a deep look into the Content quality which is most important for your present as well for you future too.

Tools Provided By Adobe Premiere Pro ?

So now take a look over the tools or let's say functions which are provided by the Adobe Premiere pro to its user in order to edit a video professionally as well into the direction in which the user want.


Premiere Pro provides a lot of options to edit a video so we will only take a macro look over them and i make sure these are going to help a common creator a lot in gaining the audience retention and their follower will too be happy in getting the quality content.


List of tools in Adobe Premiere Pro :


So one making the things ready to edit a video in Premiere Pro, should definitely take a look over these functioning which will help him a lot in getting over the software and will give him more chance to be a pro editor in it.


First of all we should remind you that only these are not the functions of Premiere Pro but here are only that tools which are most necessary for the video to be edited and are mostly used by the youtubers.


  • Chroma Key : To remove the Background or to enable green screen option.
  •  Cut - Join : To remove a part and join two parts of a video.
  • Video Color : To give video a best color.
  • Background - Music : To Add Background as well other music in video(Sound Effects).

Friday, 25 December 2020

Photoshop: CS6 - Best Photo Editing Software From Adobe

hey whatsapp guys !

a best editing software must be installed in the laptop or computer of a person if he  is going to call himself a professional in computer. there are many software for video editing some are Filmora , Filmora9 , Adobe Premiere Pro and the Ice cream Video Editor. 
photoshop cs6 best images editor
and beside this if you are a youtuber and want to be go through youtube so you must take a look over here because making a great and attractive thumbnail for your youtube video it will be too helpful.

but beside this one should also install the Photo Editing Software. So that in order sometime you need to edit a photo or create any image for anyone you can easily do so.

today i am gonna to tell you a best software for pc by which you can edit your photos and images professionally and the way which you want. All you need here to do so is to just require internet data to get it and install it. So here i have done all for you and selected all required thing to get a software all you need to get it.

Best Photo or Image Editor For PC In 2020.

The software which i am talking about is From Adobe named Photoshop CS6 and it is the best known software for editing photos and creating new images. 

This is the best software but as we all know this software is paid but you need not to worry i have also made this thing easy. you need to just click over the button.

 Software Requirements :-
Processor : Intel i3 processor.
RAM : 4 GB 
Hard Disk Space : 3 GB
Software Size : 1.4 GB
this is the best software for the one who is thinking to start the youtube channel and if you makes yourself a good editor and do not know about photoshop so you are not at all the one.
so just take a look over there and now you have to do is to just start using the photoshop's latest version which is now a days Photoshop:CS6.

Sunday, 20 December 2020

Audacity - best Voice Editor For Youtuber

if you are a Youtuber having a little channel or a professional or popular channel, then you must be aware of some kind of editors such as Premiere Pro For Video editing and filmora for video editing. but beside them there is also a editor for your voice.

as we all know theat for a youtuber, his voice is everything and he earns the money from youtube only because of his voice. as we all create the videos and publish it on youtube, it will spread your voice and Talent all over the world.

So, if you have doubt in your voice or do not like yourself your voice, then you should use this software after purchasing it from the official site.


Audacity is the best software for the one who has just started the channel on youtube, and he can adjust his voice via the editor into the desired mode.

so it is going to be the golden chance for everyone who are youtuber or want to adjust the voice and make it more adorable.

Please check it out and there are not as much work to do and the software is easy to use for every beginner who just started the youtube. and you must care about your voice which is going to be the main part of your channel and will help you a lot in ranking and growing.

what can audacity do ?

via the Audacity software in your pc or Mac you can edit your voice according to yourself which you likes the most and will help you in increasing more popularity with the different voice if you thinks that your voice is not too good in your videos.

so here are the things which you can converts and examine via the audacity software and here are also some tips for all those who doesn't know about it to how to edit voice in Audacity.

 Things to do with audacity software :

 1. with the audacity software you can edit your voice according to your desired voice and this is going to be a great help for you.

2. Audacity helps you in increasing or decreasing the voice pitch for you which basically changes the video theme completely and you can convert your voice to adult and child too.

3.  Audacity can help you a lot in removing the background noise from your voice over or video which is going to be a best help for you.

so this software is going to be the best one for you and your videos editing and if you are serious about your channel then you must go through it and take a trial of this software.